Maximum Protection, Minimum Wear & Tear

Chrome-plated bars and tubes are primarily used to build hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

The advantages of chrome plating
  • Protects the underlying material from corrosion
  • Makes for a better running surface
  • Improves resistance to wear and tear
Outstanding Smoothness and Adhesion

The A-TUBE family includes all pipes which are internally finished and then make up the outer part of the hydraulic cylinder.

The advantages of polishing
  • Surface finish
  • Makes for a better running surface
  • Dimensional accuracy
High Precision

Linear shafts are ideal for building running systems, since they are able to guarantee close tolerance and high surface hardness.

Where they are used most frequently:
  • Running bars
  • High-precision mechanical shafts
  • Bearings
Precision and Savings

Semi-manufactured products suitable for mechanical applications.

  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Surface finish
  • Lower processing costs
Superior Protection

The chemical nickel-plating process creates a substrate which is then chrome-plated to a high thickness and significantly increases the life of the rod exposed to corrosives.

  • Better resistance to corrosion compared to traditional hard chrome-plating
  • Better resistance to corrosion compared to electrolytic nickel